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The latest technology in sun protection.

Solar D Sunscreen is made with our unique UBV Filter Technology, protects with broad spectrum SPF, whilst also assisting in stimulating the benefit of the sun.

Protects from Ageing

Solar D is the perfect formula to protect your skin from aging and burning whilst still letting in some of the UVB light that our bodies use to make Vitamin D.

Reef Safe

In addition to the unique benefits, this smart sunscreen is also reef safe in-line with Hawaii Reef Bill, and has no Oxybenzone, Octinate, Parabens, PABA or nanoparticles and is perfect for sensitive skin.

Feels good

But how does it feel…..? Forget sticky, icky, greasy creams, Solar D is silky smooth and gives a luxurious, light, ‘barely there’ feel on the skin.

Solar D’s unique UVB filtering technology explained.

Solar D is scientifically proven to let in some of the UVB light we use to make Vitamin D…

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Who We Are

We are beach goers, bush walkers, weekend sports enthusiasts, health conscious, active and full of the GOOD VIBES. We love and care about our community and OUR PLANET and aspire to protect our global family. We aim to EDUCATE on the importance of sun protect, and address the global epidemic that is Vitamin D deficiency.


Rules Of Sun 👍

1. Apply SPF daily – Re-apply at least every 2 hours
2. Apply after moisturisers
3. Must be broad spectrum SPF30 or above
4. Use a sunscreen with UVB Filtering Technology
5. Must be 2 hours water resistant
6. Must be Reef Safe 
7. Free from parabens, oxybenzone, nanoparticles, PABA
8. Must be cruelty free – not tested on animals
9. 30mls – a shot glass full can effectively cover your full body


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