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About Solar D | Solar D


Selective UVB Filtering Technology

The unique patented formulation of Solar D sunscreens protects with broad spectrum SPF and laboratory studies show that it lets in some of the UVB light between 290 and 310nm, that may assist our bodies in making Vitamin D.

Solar D Sunscreen Studies

Through in-vitro studies conducted in a laboratory environment, the Solar D formulation showed the passage of some of the UVB wavelengths (about 290 to 310 nm) while effectively filtering the UVA wavelengths (about 315 to 380 nm).

The tests were conducted by shining UV light through a plate of glass covered with Solar D Sunscreen. Both UVA & UVB light was then measured after penetrating the sunscreen and the results showed that some of the UVB light passed through Solar D Sunscreen whilst filtering the UVA light. UVB light once reaching human skin, may assist our bodies in making vitamin D.

Solar D® Patent Information

The sunscreen technology in Solar D sunscreens has been granted and issued a patent in New Zealand (NZ593932), Australia (2009334372), and Japan (2011-544101).  United States (US20110268678) and Canada (CA2748441) and patent pending in Brazil (PI0924172) and European Union (EP2384193).

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