The SMART Sunscreen

Using patented technology, Solar D Sunscreen developed its unique Selective UVB Filtering Technology. Through laboratory studies, Solar D shows that it lets in some of the light we may use to make vitamin D whilst protecting our skin with Broad spectrum sun protection with SPF30 & SPF50.

The Smart Sunscreen

Solar D Sunscreen protects with broad spectrum SPF and laboratory studies show that it lets in some of the UVB light that may assist our bodies in making Vitamin D.

UVB Filtering Technology

The technology uses unique and patented Select UVB Filtering Technology to permit some of the light that our bodies may use to make vitamin D, while providing SPF 50 broad-spectrum sun protection


World Leading Technology

Solar D has been researched & developed over many years to create our patented technology using the world’s leading vitamin D researchers and laboratories.


Always read the label, use only as directed

Laboratory studies show that Solar D has been designed and formulated to specifically permit some of the UVB sunlight that our bodies may use to produce Vitamin D without sacrificing sun protection.